Although scientists imagine megalodon has been extinct for 1.5 to 2 million years, this mysterious megabeast continues to fascinate and educate individuals right this moment. The opening in the marine life food chain additionally paved the way in which for different creatures to develop, together with polar bears and yellow-eyed penguins, which at the moment are thought to be direct outcomes of the newly discovered mass marine extinction.megalodon history channel video

Based on tooth measurement, C. megalodon reached a most inferred total length round sixteen m ( Randall, 1973 ; Gottfried et al., 1996 ), greater than twice the reported maximum length of the white shark Carcharodon carcharias with 6.four m ( Bigelow & Schroeder, 1948 ; Randall, 1973 ; Compagno, 1984 ). The most important tooth of C. megalodon measures 168 mm (specimen PF 1168, Discipline Museum of Pure Historical past of Chicago).

The changing climate additionally brought seasonal food booms around the poles, which helped drive the evolution of larger whales – like the large humpback and blue whales of in the present day – able to making the lengthy-distance migrations wanted to feed there.

The disappearance of the last big-toothed shark could have been triggered by the decline and fall of several dynasties of small to medium-sized baleen whales in favour of recent, gigantic baleen whales,” says Alberto Collareta, a palaeontologist at the University of Pisa in Italy and lead author of the examine.

Most importantly, apex predators are pivotal in sustaining ecosystem stability, and their elimination can produce cascading effects throughout entire meals webs (Myers et al. 2007 ; Terborgh et al. 2010 ; Estes et al. 2011 ). Accordingly, the extinction of C. megalodon probably affected the structure and function of historic ecosystems (Pimiento and Clements 2014 ). The causes of its extinction are still unknown.megalodon natural history museum

The explanations for megalodons demise are unknown, however may relate to both climate change or organic components, just like the events concerning the evolution and migration of whales to colder Antarctic waters where the sharks couldn’t go.

Either method or what ever you consider the earth is probably four.6 billion years outdated so no i agree with many that the megalodon will not be still alive as a result of we have many radars and yes there may be many species we havent found however when something is forty ft pluss we wood detect on are many radars in subs and we know the surface of the earth as a result of we have scaned them and we by no means picked up anything that was like a megalodon on our radars and all the images or movies even the ones from ww11 was either faked or something misunderstood that was a pod of whales the one sticking its fin up whereas on the facet and the opposite was swimmer on its facet behind it the images was simply taken on the right time many whales nonetheless do this to day.

C. megalodon dentition is outwardly similar in morphology and the variety of tooth rows to that of C. carcharias ( Uyeno et al., 1989) Nonetheless, the jaws of C. megalodon must be somewhat extra robust, larger and thicker, having more large muscle tissue than those of the C. carcharias ( Gottfried et al., 1996 ). Correspondingly to nice jaws and enamel, the head would have most likely been huge as nicely, with a big branchial area for respiration.

While most grownup Megalodon enamel fell into the 4-5” size range, just a few huge, fossil tooth have been found in extra of seven” The largest verifiable Megalodon tooth is a 7.forty eight” tooth discovered close to Ocucaje, Peru.

Megalodon was that largest shark that ever existed, larger than a whale shark, and was not only the most important carnivorous fish that ever roamed the seas, however was additionally that largest predator that ever lived on Earth, rivaling the scale of predatory dinosaurs like Giganotosaurus and even Tyrannosaurus Rex and different sea monsters like Cymbospondylus , Dunkleosteus , Mosasaurus , Basilosaurus , and even Liopleurodon Megalodon averaged over 50 to 60 toes lengthy and weighed 50 tons, however the largest Megalodon ever found measured in excuses of 75 toes in length and weighed 53 tons.

The show undermines paleontology by saying their are solely “unproven theories” about Megalodon’s extinction, as if it could be doable to definitively show something from the deep past in they approach they suggest can be essential to confirm the animal’s extinction.

Shark skeletons are product of cartilage, which breaks down quickly after death and solely not often survives as fossils, however many a whole lot of fossil megalodon tooth have been discovered, as well as boney segments of its backbone, called centra.

The overwhelming majority of tooth that have become fossils have been destroyed by natural processes (erosion, chemical processes, and so forth.). Most megalodon tooth found have undergone fairly a bit of destruction, with chunks of the tooth broken off, the enamel eaten by means of, or important erosion wearing the pure options of the tooth.

They found as much as 16 million years ago, the large predators had been discovered primarily within the Northern Hemisphere, near Europe, America and the Indian Ocean however then travelled further into the South American, Asian and Australian coasts over time.


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