Megalodon is a extinct shark that lived long ago. I consider the Megalondon never existed but there could have been an progress to the Great White species that was unrecorded or a living jaws maybe similar as mermaids folks began as fish then developed to people and then caveman and what we have now right this moment however some did not fairly evolve all the way in which and then there became increasingly more merfolk and now they may very well be extinct and may have been extinct by the Megalondon then the shark grew to become extinct.

My idea is that the submarine shark is a baby megalodon and is still rising Additionally , the explanation I feel that is because the megalodon’s prey went to colder areas on the planet and tailored to the cold local weather and the megalodon did not have any food to eat and that caused it to die.

The taxonomic assignment of this species has been debated for practically a century, and there are three doable interpretations: (1) Some authors place C. megalodon and other megatoothed sharks with the extant white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) in the identical genus (Carcharodon) and therefore the identical family (Lamnidae) 14 – 16 (2) Other authors place C. megalodon and megatoothed sharks in a unique genus (Carcharocles) and household (Otodontidae) 17 – 23 Although a minority viewpoint, some staff recognize (three) megatoothed sharks as a collection of chronospecies of the genus Otodus, and place all megatoothed sharks except C. megalodon on this genus.

This is additionally around the time we start seeing orca within the fossil file, suggesting that there might have been intense competition driving C. megalodon to extinction or that orca evolved shortly after the extinction of the shark to fill that specific niche in the ecosystem, a role they still maintain right now.

“Dimension-smart, megalodon may have preyed upon megalolamna, however such occurrences will need to have been very uncommon, considering the truth that megalolamna is an exceptionally rare shark based on the fossil record,” Shimada stated, explaining that only a couple of dozen tooth for it have been discovered.

The Discovery Channel present mentions tooth present in Pleistocene sediments dated to only 10,000 years ago but most scientists agree that this is an instance of reworking, where a tooth erodes out of it is authentic rock, and then is re-preserved in newer rock.about megalodon shark in hindi

While it’s true that we’ve not explored each inch of the world’s oceans, and it is possible that there are undiscovered species dwelling within the depths of the waters, the assumption that the megalodon shark may still be alive as we speak has but to be confirmed.

Tooth sizes of the Gatun remoted tooth have been measured and in contrast with two C. megalodon related tooth units of various life levels from the Hubbell assortment at Gainesville, FL. The adult tooth set is from the Yorktown Formation, North Carolina (early Pliocene) fifty two ( Table S3 ). And the juvenile tooth set is from the Bone Valley Formation, Florida (early Pliocene) 50 – fifty one ( Desk S4 ).

Stead and the local Fisheries Inspector, a Mr. Paton, questioned the boys, who all agreed to the shark’s monstrous measurement—one claimed that its head alone was “at the least as long as the roof on the wharf shed at Nelson’s Bay.” Many stated it measured round a hundred and fifteen ft in length.

Animals first known solely from fossils before a residing specimen is discovered, just like the coelacanth, are actually extremely uncommon and aren’t a great cause to state that megalodon is due to this fact more likely to nonetheless exist.

Comparisons of Carcharocles megalodon tooth measurements (CH: crown top, CW: crown width), in millimeters from the Gatun Formation (late Miocene), with remoted enamel from a youthful (Bone Valley, early Pliocene) and an older formation (Calvert, center Miocene), which characterize three localities from which this species is comparatively considerable.information about megalodon shark

Shark skeletons are made from cartilage, which breaks down rapidly after death and solely not often survives as fossils, but many lots of of fossil megalodon tooth have been discovered, in addition to boney segments of its backbone, called centra.

In fact, our coverage here of Megalodon is extraordinarily properly timed since Discovery have just screened a infamous pseudo-documentary during which they seemingly try to trick naïve viewers into thinking that Megalodon continues to be extant, and that there’s evidence for this chance in the way of various pictures and different lines of evidence disclaimer: on the time of writing, I haven’t seen stated TV present.

As an example, our outcomes recommend that (1) a selective strain in predatory sharks for consuming a broader range of prey could favor bigger people and produce left-skewed distributions on a geologic time scale; (2) body-dimension variations in cosmopolitan apex marine predators may rely on their interactions with geographically discrete communities; and (three) the inherent traits of shark species can produce stable sizes over geologic time, regardless of the dimension developments of their lineages.

Sharks are a very profitable group that has been widespread in our oceans for at the very least 400 million years forty This research presents evidence that sharks have used nursery areas since ancient times, i.e., for no less than 10 million years, and due to this fact extends the record of this habits and adaptive strategy primarily based on fossil evidence.

Though no full megalodon skeleton has been found so far, the author has compiled the information from numerous partial finds, compared it with that of recent sharks with probably close relationships, and extrapolated doable physical traits and behaviors.


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